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Custom Framing

For Exhibitions, Presentations, Gifts, School Assessments, Home Decorations, Hotels, Offices, Art Prizes, and other displays.


Some of the items we frame are awards, certificates, drawings, paintings, photographs, posters, prints, mirrors, objects d'art (e.g. bark paintings, papyrus and historical scrolls), floral arrangements, jigsaw puzzles, needlework, paper tole, light boxes, mounted 3D objects such as jerseys, uniforms, flags, medallions, and memorabilia.

IMG_5362 resized.png

Additional Services:

  • Large Digital Photo Printing

  • Sublimation Printed Metal Plaques

  • Repairs and Replacements

  • Mounting

Hand Embroidery with custom double window.
Precious object mounting.
Memorabilia beyond rectangles.
LED Lightbox.
3D Floral Collage.
Mik Shida Artwork on paper, floated in frame.
Large Acrylic Painting.
Duc Thinh Dong's photographic exhibition in Surry Hills.
Ed Sheeran Collection.
Chris Loutfy exhibition at Campbell Street Gallery.
Dash Snow photographs.
Box frame.
We can help you choose a way to cleverly display your memorabilia.
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